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Hi I'm Mark.

For the past 8 years, my team and I have been on a mission to provide quick, straightforward help to people like you and your family as you navigate our tough immigration system. For so many, dealing with the immigration process means expensive lawyers, seemingly endless waits, and worrying whether your application will be denied.

But there’s an easier way. Our firm only deals with immigration law, meaning we can give you and your case the attention you truly deserve. Over the years we’ve worked thousands of cases like yours, and we’ve become experts at processing immigration applications without the headache and hassle.

Monument has received hundreds of stellar reviews and accolades online from sites like Google and Avvo, including recognition as one of the top law firms in 2017 for client satisfaction. But what we’re truly proud of are the many stories behind those reviews—the real people we’ve helped become citizens, and the real families we’ve united.

We are 100% focused on delivering elite customer service without the high-end price tag. Because we want to make this process as quick and painless for you as possible, we strive to get your application submitted within 48 business hours of receiving your required documentation. It really is that simple, and we’ll show you how.

So stop worrying and stop waiting, and let’s get started today!

Mark Naugle

Monument Immigration Founder

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Mark Naugle

Monument Founder

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At Monument, our mission is to help families like yours achieve the American Dream!

At Monument, our mission is to help families like yours achieve the American Dream. We do that by providing fast, fair, affordable legal counsel that gets the job done right from Day 1, allowing you to see results faster than you thought possible.

Our team is made up of passionate immigration law specialists who only want to see you and your case succeed. With honest pricing, unrivaled expertise, and a system that just works, come see why thousands have chosen Monument to make their dreams come true.

Monument Reviews

Immigration Attorney Near Me Reviews

5 Star Reviews

Immigration Attorney Near Me Reviews

Mark is the man!

"If you are considering an attorney to help you immigrate, Mark is the man for the job. He will always take care good care of you!"

- Omar

Houston, TX

Immigration Attorney Near Me Reviews

Mark was great!

"Mark was great throughout my application process. Very knowledgeable, trustworthy and kind, and always available to help."

- Susana

Phoenix, AZ

Immigration Attorney Near Me Reviews

Handled my case perfect!

"After going through my process with Mark I can see why Monument has hundreds of 5 star reviews. Handled my case perfectly."

- Hector

Las Vegas, NV

*Actual condensed customer testimonials. Photos are illustrative only.

why us

There are MANY reasons to choose Monument, here are a few of them.

Honest, flat-rate pricing

No hidden fees, no extra costs, no surprises. Other lawyers can charge up to 10 times as much as Monument, but we don’t believe in taking advantage of clients desperate for a solution to our complex immigration system. That means all of our rates are clearly listed online. That also means we can start your case—any case—for just $500.

We get results

Our job is to help immigrants like you or your family members achieve the American Dream. Paperwork, filing fees, waiting periods and interviews are all small hurdles in the grand scheme of things, and we’re here to help you triumph over those obstacles and live the life you’ve been hoping for.

We ONLY practice immigration law

Your case demands focus, attention, and special expertise that only years of experience can deliver. Because we’ve worked with thousands of people like you and cases like yours, we’re able to quickly and efficiently process those cases to save time, save money, and make your life a whole lot easier.

Personalized attention

Want to speak with your lawyer without going through dozens of layers of other employees? Many of our clients have worked with immigration lawyers in the past who treated their case like an afterthought, but around here we do things a bit differently—because we know there are real people with real hopes and dreams behind your application.

Super-quick turnaround

Monument’s immigration processing system is highly efficient and completely streamlined. After we receive all of your necessary information and documentation, we’ll file your application in just 48 hours. The sooner we apply, the sooner you’ll see results. Why wait another day?

Legal counsel made easy

We’re here to make your life as easy as possible. That’s why we promise to answer your emails and calls within 2 days, and why we give you around-the-clock access to your application information with our easy-to-use online client portal. Tracking your case, uploading documents, and filling out questionnaire information has never been easier.

Interest-free payment plans

Money should never stand between you and your future, which is why we’re proud to offer interest-free payment plans to our clients for all of our services. Whether you’re in need of a fiance visa, a Green Card, or trying to become a citizen, the path forward just became a little bit easier.

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Only pay if your case is approved!

Immigration applications are a big investment of both time and money—that’s why our clients only pay us if their case is approved! No hassles, no gimmicks. Let's see if you qualify!

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